The address that Joburg's art district calls home

A shared vision for a new way of living

Thirty Keyes is the collaborative product of a partnership between developers, architects and designers with a common ambition to create a new standard in urban residential living


The people behind the project


Tomorrow Co

Founded in 2010 by Anton Taljaard, Derek White and Estelle van Kerckhoven, Tomorrow Co is an creatively-minded, entrepreneurially-spirited investment and development company focused on making original ideas as culturally rewarding as they are commercially viable.

With a specific strategic focus on precinct development, Tomorrow Co has served as the driving force behind the establishment of Rosebank's Keyes Art Mile, with Thirty Keyes being the most recent addition to their expanding portfolio of residential, retail, restaurant, hospitality, and cultural properties.

With its founders' personal interest in, and commitment to art, Tomorrow Co's endeavours are intrinsically informed by a desire to cultivate connections between architecture, design, art and their respective audiences—an ambition that has given rise to an ongoing relationship with StudioMAS Architects, and the design of some of Johannesburg's newest landmarks.

Hesse Kleinloog

Interior design practice Hesse Kleinloog was established in 2016 by Andrea Kleinloog and Megan Hesse, having jointly directed local product design studio Anatomy Design since 2009, and receiving Design Indaba's prestigious Most Beautiful Object in South Africa award for their iconic Lab Light in 2010. 

With the concurrent expansion of both interior and product design wings, and each division's respective increase in capacity and degree of specialisation, Hesse and Kleinloog separated their product and service offerings after seven years of consolidated operation. While Anatomy Design continues their tradition of designing modern day heirlooms, Hesse Kleinloog focuses on individualised interior solutions, boasting clients ranging from Syspro and Sasfin to Nando's and Design Joburg.

As the Thirty Keyes interior partner, Hesse Kleinloog brings a subtle yet robust aesthetic to its internal language, as well as to its selection of finishes and fittings—creating a palette that is both distinctive, yet able to support the personal tastes of its eventual occupants.


Having obtained his Masters in Urban Design at Oxford Brookes University in the UK, Pierre Swanepoel founded StudioMAS Architecture and Urban Design in 2000, with the objective of developing an architectural legacy informed by design ingenuity and the desire to challenge existing and outdated paradigms.

In partnership with Boni Makwe and Sean Mahoney, Swanepoel has been responsible for some of South Africa's most critically-acclaimed and now-iconic landmarks, including Courtyards on Oxford (2005), the Biovac and NICD laboratories (2006/7), Circa on Jellicoe (2009), the Keyes Avenue Precinct (2015) and the City of Johannesburg Council Chamber (2017).

The firm's output is guided by a deep commitment to sustainability, where the building's influence on the total environment—including its occupants, ecological context, and existing communities and surroundings—is taken into acute consideration.


As a multidisciplinary design firm focused on sustainable urban living solutions, Fieldworks' landscape and urban design division demonstrates a deep understanding of the relationship between people and the environment—making them an obvious choice to serve as the Keyes Art Mile landscape design partner.

A dynamic studio led by a team of young architects, Fieldworks' research-based approach and passion for meaningful landscape interventions strongly resonates with Tomorrow Co’s vision to establish Keyes Art Mile as a site saturated with locally indigenous vegetation. This shared interest in re-establishing regional plant species that would have originally occurred along the Witwatersrand gold reef prior to suburban settlement, is already manifested in the Keyes Avenue Veld Wall and planting programmes around the Trumpet building.  

As the precinct's primary proponent of this ecological agenda, Thirty Keyes is sustainable living that places Johannesburg's precious natural resources front and centre.