The address that Joburg's art district calls home

A natural refuge for the urban creative

Designed around a central courtyard, Thirty Keyes draws on classical precedents of open-air arcades, atria and colonnades, creating a shared space that encourages community, yet invites privacy and pause. Planted with indigenous highveld grasses, shrubs and perennials, its gardens offer residents a lush yet sustainable retreat.

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In defining a design language for Thirty Keyes, preeminent architectural and urban design practice StudioMAS has sought to incorporate the principles of courtyard typology, as a means of merging public and private space.

Pierre Swanepoel, the firm's founder and principal architect, has specifically drawn on historical precedents such as the Uffizi Gallery's iconic Italian Renaissance cortile as well as Johannesburg's own early 20th Century masterpiece Whitehall Court,  in developing the conceptual basis of this contemporary Art Mile counterpart.

While not strictly framed as courtyard architecture, Swanepoel has also invoked the proportions of a typical Amsterdam city block in the design of Thirty Keyes, using similar dimensions to arrive at a space that encourages community and engages residents on a human scale


Serving both social gathering and personal reflection, the courtyard has maintained universal appeal and enduring relevance over centuries and across cultures and climates. Offering privacy, security, natural illumination, ventilation, thermal regulation and spatial circulation, the courtyard remains unchallenged in its ability to seamlessly span interior and exterior settings. Sheltered from the elements, the courtyard unconsciously invites an intimate relationship with nature—in respect of which Thirty Keyes is no exception. 

A key feature of the Thirty Keyes courtyard is the signature inventory of endemic Witwatersrand flora selected by landscape designer studio Fieldworks. By introducing species such as Melinis Nerviglumis, Scabiosa Colombaria and Kniphofia Ensifolia into its landscaping programme, Fieldworks intends to re-establish local vegetation that would have occurred naturally in the highveld region prior to modern suburban development. 

This focus on sustainable gardening not only forms an important extension of the building's larger environmental agenda and its objective to optimise management of its resources, but also serves as a celebration of the often-overlooked wild beauty of our shared natural heritage.

Thirty Keyes is the essence of a traditional courtyard, reimagined in a contemporary guise. It’s a means for us to connect the public and the private in a way that is both poetic and practical.
— Pierre Swanepoel, Partner and Architect, StudioMAS Architecture and Urban Design


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Built-in benefits, designed to make the difference

Thirty Keyes has been shaped in consideration of a modern, always-on mindset, and the urban realities of its city setting—from security and smart access control, to dedicated concierge support and high speed connectivity.


Concierge service

Thirty Keyes has been designed with the entrepreneurial Johannesburg urbanite in mind, including needs arising from a lifestyle that is increasingly strapped for time. In response to these considerations, your residency includes dedicated access to a 24 hour concierge service, assigned to assist you with making restaurant reservations, booking housekeeping appointments, facilitating deliveries or even checking in guests on your behalf.


In the always-on era of plug-and-play, one's home is expected to make ultimate provision for instant access, whether for personal pursuits or to facilitate out-of-office productivity. With a dedicated high-speed fibre point installed before you even take occupation, Thirty Keyes has been built with connectivity at its core. Simply set up your account with a preferred service provider, or have our concierge make the necessary arrangements for you.


Optional smart-lock remote access control

When you're on the move or out of town, arranging entry to your home for housekeeping, deliveries or guests should be a simple, stress-free experience. With an optional smart-lock system that lets you control your apartment's front door from anywhere, leaving keys with neighbours or under a doormat is a thing of the past. Receive instant alerts on who's coming and going while you're traveling, in a meeting or making your apartment available for short-term stays from a distance.

Car wash and valet

With a dedicated car wash and valet service permanently stationed in Thirty Keyes' very own parking garage, enjoying a spotless ride has never been more convenient. Available for ad-hoc bookings or pre-arranged on a weekly basis via our concierge desk, you can look forward to on-demand car cleaning as you arrive home from work or whilst out for a Saturday morning brunch, knowing you need only settle the bill along with your monthly levy statement.


Integrated neighbourhood security

Engineered to be embedded in the Keyes Art Mile precinct, Thirty Keyes offers the benefits of streamlined, neighbourhood-wide security services—ensuring that your stroll to have dinner goes unhindered, and your Pantry Market morning haul gets underway without needing to give personal safety a second thought. With surveillance cameras installed throughout the Mile, and an exclusive safe-walk service that provides additional protection on your walk home, you're assured of security support when and where you need it.

Public parking facilities

In addition to the single, on-site parking bay included in the
purchase of every apartment, Thirty Keyes offers unprecedented capacity for supplementary tenant and guest vehicles, by way of a 250+ bay public parking facility that is conveniently and safely situated adjacent to the building. Large gatherings, unexpected overnight visitors and short- or long-term guest stays are easily accommodated without the need for prior booking or fear of resorting to on-street parking


Backup water and power supply

With national and municipal electricity cuts and water breaks an increasingly common reality for today's metropoles, Thirty Keyes is fully prepared for potential outages, with backup power and an uninterrupted water supply to keep its community comfortable and connected. Entrepreneurs and those who work remotely can now plan their calendar knowing their productive streak won't get cut short, while nine-to-fivers can look forward to an undisturbed session of streaming their favourite series as soon as they're home.

Preferential MESH Club membership

A co-working hub, meeting venue, networking platform, event space, cocktail bar and restaurant, MESH is where entrepreneurial young guns and established business moguls mingle for both work and play. Africa's first curated members club, MESH aims to foster a community of like-minded leaders across the continent in an inspired, art-infused interior setting. As a Thirty Keyes resident, MESH invites you to enjoy exclusive preferential rates on membership.